We offer Photography Excursions if you are wishing to capture unique photos of Dublin's coast. 


Close to the edge (Scorpion RIB)

Full information about the boat is available 

Scorpion boat specs


Unique Characteristics  which are beneficial to photographers include;

1) Plenty of Storage space for equipment

2) Stability trim tabs installed at stern



Summer skippered (April-October)

€175 per hour

€750 per day

Photography Excursions


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1) Operating space

She has large deck space on the front and back for along with a large amount of dry storage for equipment.


2) Stable Ride

She is capable of doing 45 knots and has trim tabs installed on her stern to ensure a smooth ride at high speeds. The trim tabs allow us to raise the front of the boat so that there is less spray while moving at high speeds. It also allows us to reduce the effects of waves.


Full information about the boat is available: Scorpion boat specs