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Dun Laoghaire | Things To Do


Dun Laoghaire is a coastal town south of Dublin. The town dates back to the fifth century when the High King of Ireland chose the site as a safe sea base where raids of Britain and Gaul could be conducted from. The name comes from ‘Dun’ meaning ‘fort’ and Laoghaire who was High King at the time. The towns two piers are iconic and date back to the 1800’s when the Harbour was build as a main port of entry from Britain. King George IV visited the Harbour while it was under construction and therefor the town was renamed to Kindstown for a period of time. Following the creation of the Irish free state the town was returned to its originally name Dun Laoghaire. Walking the Piers Dun Laoghaire piers are very popular walking routes for locals of Dublin. Walking down these piers you will be able to enjoy both the beautiful harbour and Dublin Bay. The further you walk out on the piers the more you feel your at sea. Claimed as western europe’s largest man-made harbour its is a breathtaking structure to explore.


Swimming There are many water-sports based in Dun Laogharire if your feeling adventurous. Swimming is not allowed in the harbour how nearby is the Forthy-Foot which is a popular swimming spot located in Sandycove. Sailing & Power-boating

The Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School provides many water-sports such as sailing and power-boating along with standup paddle boarding and kayaking. Diving Oceandivers provides PADI certified diving courses along with taster courses.

Things to do The Pavilion Theatre The Pavilion is a 324 seat municipal theatre that host’s local live plays and shows. The theatre has an exciting and diverse programme of events entertains audiences from all over Ireland and the world. DLR Lexicon Lexicon is an impressive new public library which houses a wide selection of books and other materials. The top floor host many materials useful for history research. Teddy's Ice-Cream Teddy's is a locally famous ice-cream shop. They provide simple coned ice-cream however has become a must have for any visits to Dun Laoghaire during the summer. National Maritime Museum of Ireland Ireland’s National Maritime Museum is housed in Dun Laoghaire’s 180-year-old Mariners Church Peoples Park This park which is beautifully landscaped, is open to locals and visitors alike. Every Sunday there is a food market which brings the park alive will many food vendors.

Food & Drink When it comes to eating and drinking there are many options. Our recommendations are;


Hartley’s - High Quailty & good cocktails

Purty Kitchen - Good Quality Gastropub Mao’s - Asian Cuisine Milano - Italian Cuisine Drinks Purty Kitchen - Gastropub The Forthy-Foot - Good for cheap drinks Gilbert and Wright - Retro style 70s fit out

How to get there

Train: A Dart station sits in the center of the town

Bus: 46a , 7 , 7a , 45a , 59 , 63 , 75

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