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2017 Press Release

Great to put out our official 2017 pre-season press release to let the world know bookings are officially open! Looking forward to seeing you on the water this summer. Feel free to share around.


Contact: Conor Bourke FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. 087 693 5267 Email: Date: 24 April 2017 DUBLIN’S NEWEST ADVENTURE BOAT TOUR IS NOW ACCEPTING BOOKINGS An experience unlike any other in the County Dublin, Ireland (24 April 2017)—Dublin Boat Tour, the newest boutique boat tour available in County Dublin, has officially launched and is now accepting bookings. We provide exceptional adventure tour experiences along the River Liffey and in Dublin Bay. Limiting our tours to 6 people, we ensure the highest quality and best experience possible aboard our comfortable 8-Meter RIB. This isn’t your run of the mill boat experience—you’ll be able to feel the wind in your hair and see the marine life around you in an open-air space without the commercial feeling of an overly large vessel. We are an adventure boat tour, so gear up for some fun speeds as we propel across the water and take in the sights! We run multiple tours daily beginning now, through October 2017. Individual tickets start at €35 and private group bookings start at €145. We began Dublin Boat Tour to provide individuals and families a new way to enjoy this city we love—whether these be local residents, or tourists alike—from the beautiful waters of County Dublin. An eternal aquatic enthusiast and adventure chaser, Owner (and Yachtmaster) Conor Bourke dreamed of a way to offer passengers “…the ability to experience the beauties of Dublin Bay and the River Liffey, almost as if from their own private vessel.” Further, he’s gone on to say: “through Dublin Boat Tour, I envisioned creating an experience that would allow everyone to see and feel Dublin’s incredible culture not just from the city streets, but from its’ stunning waters.” Come join us on this unique adventure. Our boat, Close to the Edge, is waiting for you in the beautiful Dun Laoghaire Marina. We look forward to seeing you—and who knows …you may just learn a thing or two about the fair city of Dublin. About Dublin Boat Tour Based in the beautiful Dun Laoghaire Marina, Dublin Boat Tour is a new venture promoting enjoyment of, and access to, the waters of Dublin County. To learn more visit, email us at or check out our Facebook page:


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