We offer workboat services in Dublin for whatever purpose is required. Let us know your requirements and we see if our RIB is suitable.

Workboat Services

Close to the edge (scorpion 8.1m)


Full information about the boat is available 

Scorpion 8.1 boat specs


Some of her characteristics include

1) Commercially coded

2) Plenty of Storage space for equipment

3) Stable at High speed

4) Flexible uses


1) Close to the edge is capable of carrying out a number of functions. As a commercially coded passenger boat she is able to carry up to 6 passengers comfortably plus the skipper.


2) She has large deck space on the front for media crew to operate along with a large amount of dry storage at the stern for equipment.


3) She is capable of doing 45 knots and has trim tabs installed on her stern to ensure a smooth ride at high speeds. The trim tabs allow us to raise the front of the boat so that there is less spray while moving at high speeds.


4) All these factors and more make her very adaptable to carry out many jobs. To discuss your need's please contact us.



Available from April onwards


Or us email us at info@dublinboattour.com