Partner with us

Dublin Boat Tour embraces working together and is happy to discuss partnerships with all organizations. Below are examples of the most common partner opportunities. If you feel your organization could benefit from partnering with a Boat Tour in Dublin please contact us at

Photographers & Videographers

We constantly are looking for great people to create beautiful photos and videos of Dublin. We are open to partnerships in which you could have use of our RIB.


Restaurants & Bars

We need good restaurants and bars to recommend to our guests. We also need to have places that can arrange group tables for after our events.

Hotels & Accommodation

We are able to provide your guests with a private tailored experience. Being able to offer this to the guests will enhance their trip in Dublin.




Marine Services

If you have a project and need the use of a boat for your own operations we welcome discussing potential projects.

To discuss these or any other opportunities feel free to contact us at