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Close to the Edge gets a Refit

Yesterday we took Close to the Edge up to Malahide Marina by sea, so that she could be lifted out of the water this morning. It was the first time she explored these waters and I'm sure she'll be spending much more time around the area!

Yesterday was a perfect day for the 45-minute drive from Dun Laoghaire Harbour across the Bay and up towards Malahide. On the way, we passed by the Baily lighthouse along with Howth Harbour. We decided to make a quick stop to explore Ireland's eye a little bit since we aren't usually around this area.

Having explored the area a little bit we made our way up towards Malahide and entered the truly unique channel which sits in between two beaches each side of it. It was somewhat of an unusual feeling driving between what felt like the middle of a beach.

When we made our way to the marina we tied up on the end of C dock and made our way to the

reception to confirm up the details for the lift out today.

This morning we arrived down at the marina to happily find Close to the Edge was already being lifted out of the water. We backed her trailer into the boatyard so that she could be placed on it. The crane lowered her onto the trailer and then we spent the next 20 minutes securing her.

Due to the size of the boat and trailer we had a truck tow her the 5 minutes up the road from Malahide Marina to Power Marine who will now go about servicing her engine along with other upgrades in order to make her ready for the Summer!

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