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Dublin City Hall | Sightseeing

Dublin City Hall can be found right outside Dublin Castle on Dame Street. You should definitely pop in for a look and enjoy this spectacular space if your in the area as it is open to the public for free. The building was originally built as The Royal Exchange, where people could change the Irish Punt for

the British Sterling. Trade was also conducted here as it was commissioned by the Guild of Merchants. This building became the epicenter of trade in Dublin at the end of the 18th Century. Banking and trade was conducted around this Exchange. There is an echo around the outer section which would muffle private conversations as people walked around the room. Restored as one of Dublin's most beautiful Georgian structures. Construction of the building was completed in 1779 after 10 years of construction. Thomas Cooley, a young architect from London won a competition to be commissioned as designer for the new building. During the Civil war in 1916 this building was used as a Garrison for the Irish Citizen Army.

City Hall Dublin

Looking at the top of the dome you will see stained glass, this is because initially this hole was meant to be left open, similar to the Pantheon. It was decided to cover this hole due to the regularity of rain in Ireland. The main room is the Rotunda which has 12 paintings which depict the early history of Dublin. There is also an exhibition located in the vaults of the building about history of Dublin City.

Visiting City Hall is free for everyone.

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