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Dublin Docklands | Things to do

The Dublin Docklands is an area which has experienced a dramatic rejuvenation over the past two decades. The grand canal docks which opened in 1796 is an enclosed dock area between the Grand Canal and the River Liffey. Many well know companies such as Facebook and Google have set up their bases in this area.


Along the river side of the Dockland you can find many other notable structures and monuments. These include the the Samuel Beckett Bridge, Famine Memorial, Diving Bell & the Convention Centre. In recent year many attractions have opened up in the area which are worth checking out.

Thing to do

Jeanie Johnson

The Johnston is an accurate replica of the original ship which sailed between the west coast of Ireland and North America in the mid 1800’s. Located along custom house quay the ship is open to visitors daily.

Epic Ireland

Epic Ireland is an incredible 21st century emigration museum that tells the story of the diaspora on the Irish people.

Diving Bell

This diving bell was used for the construction the Port’s quay walls in the 1800's. Dublin had a major issue with silting and sand especially around the river mouth. This Diving Bell has been restored and you are now able to walk inside it.

Famine Memorial

Revealed in 1997 the Famine Memorial commemorates the large number of victims of the Great Famine

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