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Daniel O' Connell Monument | Sightseeing

The Daniel O’ Connell monument sitting which stands at the entrance to the street named after him was originally revealed in 1882. There are bullet holes in two of the victories due to the events of 1916-1922. O’ Connell is often referred to as the Emancipator or the Liberator. During the early 19th century O’Connell was an Irish political leader who campaigned for the rights of Catholics to be represented by holding seats in the Westminster parliament. When O’ Connell died his burial wishes were specific. His body is buried in Dublin’s Glasnevin cemetery while his heart is buried in Rome. It was decided to ask John Henry Foley, the leading sculptor of the day to build a commemoration to the “Liberator”. The base of the statue is a two-ton Dalkey granite foundation stone which was laid on 8 August 1864.The monument has a statue of O’Connell standing at the top. The monument also has the ‘Maid of Erin’ with her right hand raised pointing to her liberator O’Connell.

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